Two extreme Parkour athletes, Simon and Vicky, take us on an amazing day and night tour of Paris. Their incredible acrobatics both highlight and contrast the architectural marvel that is Paris, especially at night. They deliver a secret message.
※Parkour is a serious sport and the athletes shown in this video are fully trained professionals whose safety was assured. Permission to video and photograph in the locations shown was also obtained. Do NOT attempt to copy their tricks because it is extremely dangerous for people without advanced training to do this.

Stella Libert

Stella Libert is an up-and-coming French cinematographer based in Paris who works both in Europe and internationally. Although she is primarily a director of photography for TV commercials, music videos, and short films, Paris Je T'aime, marks Stella’s first adventure as a film director. Her excellent sense of art direction and creativity, combined with her ease with new technologies and innovative use of image, guarantee a bright future for this rising star.


I had a great pleasure to do this project in Paris, my city of birth. I was lucky to have this amazing team with me. The project was not easy to prepare and also to shot. I was very curious to meet Vicky and Simon our two Parkours actors. They were both very motivate by the film since the beginning which was very helpful for me. Simon is an extraordinary Parkours talent and full of news ideas every minute. When you film him jumping from roof to roof, your eyes are wide open and you can't control the beat of your heart.
Shooting with both Nikon D5, D810, and various NIKKOR lenses was a very smart and pratical choice when you have to run & jump to follow those guys . The 4k resolution and the high iso were perfect to shoot many locations in one night with a minimum of equipment. Those camera are not heavy so you can put them on a gimbal like a Stab One to stabilize the images in movement.
Hope you will enjoy our movie!