Night Life


We’ve come up with a technique using the Nikon camera and lights that we’re really excited about.
The Night Life film uses hundreds of individual cutout shapes to create an animated story that is captured completely in-camera.
The film, which was inspired by the early photographic works of Edward Muybridge, follows a series of wild animals as they run from the countryside to explore the streets of London whilst the city sleeps, retreating back to the wilderness again before the sun rises.
Silhouettes of animals moving (running/flying/jumping etc) are beautiful in their simplicity.
It will feel like one long continuous journey as each animal morphs into the next, gradually getting to bigger and more impressive animals as the film goes on.

Wriggles & Robins

Tom Wrigglesworth & Matt Robinson AKA Wriggles & Robins are London based creatives & directors. They began working together whilst studying design in 2008 and have continued to collaborate since.
Throughout this time, Tom and Matt have focused on directing and producing many of their own self-initiated projects, with an emphasis on finding innovative ways to capture and tell stories.