“HOPE” expresses the characteristics of beauty and strength that humans share with video of people the imaging team met during a roughly three-week trip around the world: a craftsman who works quietly amidst the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, a woman who works in a tea plantation that forms a part of Sri Lanka's great natural beauty, a fisherman born and raised in a small Norwegian harbor town, and a young dancer who dreams of success in New York. The team spent days filming the very ordinary, everyday lives of these individuals, and expressed the importance of, and value in, simply living life.

The concept of “Hope"
As each day in this world unfolds in its regularity
A powerful entity steers us through our immediate reality
HOPE erful entity steers us through our imHOPE erful entity steers us through our immediate realHOPE erful entity steers us through our immediEngulfed by a sense of true meaning
‒ breaking into peoples hearts changing them forever
HOPE aking into peoples hthin the diversity of beings
‒ is a greatly precious matter

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