Evolving Lenses
Epoch-making that arises from
the history of NIKKOR.

The technology of photography is ever evolving, whether it's dry plates to film, monochrome to color, or the transition to digital. This isn't just about faithfully recreating the scenes that appear before our eyes; it's about building a bridge to a new world of visual expression far beyond this. The lens plays the role of the “eye” in all of this, and so it too must continue to steadily evolve concurrently asa crucial component of defining expression. In order to create these new “eyes,” we must continue to produce even more technical innovations in optics as a science and the advanced technologies that are used in the manufacturing process. By examining the NIKKOR lenses that have come to be iconic in Japan and the rest of the world, as well as the process by which they have evolved, we hope to explore the necessary form of the lenses of this new era.