Designing Lenses in the Digital Era

The greatest change about the switch from film to digital is the emergence of image sensing devices. As is only natural with the arrival of an era where image processing is a prerequisite, the demands made towards lenses are changing greatly as the cameras themselves change. We are reaching a point where we must ask ourselves what is lens design that must prioritize not only pure quality but also image processing. Designs have changed greatly, and advancements have been made to improve coating technology to reduce inner surface reflection that has led to Nano Crystal Coat. This isn't simply about reducing aberrations; it's about that nature of image quality needed in the digital era. It's become increasingly important to see(demand)things from an overall perspective, like for instance how to present shallow focus or adequate resolving power. With lenses being such a deciding factor in the ultimate quality of images produced by cameras despite the analog nature of optics as a science, the demands placed upon them for distinctiveness and performance have never been greater.