Eyes of Nikon

D810 | AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.8G ED | ISO 3200 | 1/320 | f/1.8


Gustav Karlsson Frost/Frostyグスタフ・カールソン・フロスト / フロスティ

Photographer Gustav Karlsson Frost/Frosty loves to work with suggestive lighting in outdoor locations on the borderline between portrait and fashion. Living in Stockholm and loving Tokyo has resulted in work in both places. An upbringing in a both beautiful and boring island has given a fascination for urban culture & people. He has photographed campaigns such as Över min döda kropp, Galltorp and At the temple for Cheap Monday as well as portraying famous and anonymos people for magazines and bookprojects such as Lisa Larson mook, Indigofera jeans, Elle Decor japan, Monocle ,Level magazine, Vogue japan & Sputnik whole life catalogue. He has close working relation with design agency Vår. (Björn Atldax & Karl Grandin). http://www.frosty.se

Photographer's Eye

Overall I am impressed by the light weight of the lenses, They feel almost plastic when carrying them but when you look on the result its a very solid, cinematic feeling in the images.
The AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.8G ED is a little cheaper than the 1.4G but still has nice quality and is very lightweight. I like to use it outdoors at nighttime. The D810 camera is silent and easy to work with, fast auto focus and the output from the 36 mp is amazing. Also worth mentioning is the built in flash that I haven’t had on a professional camera before.
Face to Face project
I projected faces from friends from other places onto the faces of new friends I met when I travelled.
The Face to Face-project started with me seeing friends from Sweden on trips abroad although I knew they were in Sweden right then. They were there with me but yet not. Like mental projections I did automatically. I am not surprised anymore when I see them in the crowd of people on Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo or in a local Taqueria in San Francisco. But its not possible. Or? This feeling has been staying with me whether I am at home or travelling. Since a few years I have brought my projector on the trips and staged meetings through projecting portraits of the friends in my mind onto the new friends I have had in front of me. Here I have projected friends faces from other countries on top of Sandra Prauns face in Stockholm. She is a Swedish Graphic Designer.

Work of Gustav Karlsson Frost/Frosty