Eyes of Nikon

D810 | AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.4G | ISO 250 | 1/125 | f/9.0


Gustav Karlsson Frost/Frostyグスタフ・カールソン・フロスト / フロスティ

Photographer Gustav Karlsson Frost/Frosty loves to work with suggestive lighting in outdoor locations on the borderline between portrait and fashion. Living in Stockholm and loving Tokyo has resulted in work in both places. An upbringing in a both beautiful and boring island has given a fascination for urban culture & people. He has photographed campaigns such as Över min döda kropp, Galltorp and At the temple for Cheap Monday as well as portraying famous and anonymos people for magazines and bookprojects such as Lisa Larson mook, Indigofera jeans, Elle Decor japan, Monocle ,Level magazine, Vogue japan & Sputnik whole life catalogue. He has close working relation with design agency Vår. (Björn Atldax & Karl Grandin). http://www.frosty.se

Photographer's Eye

Nike images
Nike is a swedish emerging pop music artist. I used the 35mm lens together with only the built in flash in the studio to get a little cool rough feeling. And my alternative lighing is an Icelight led light. The stylist Caroline Axell brought in swedish Shibari expert Daniel Toutovaara to give Nike a little darker quality.

Work of Gustav Karlsson Frost/Frosty