Eyes of Nikon

D800 | AF-S NIKKOR 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR | ISO 100 | 1/80 | f/11


Tomoko Suwa-KrullTomoko Suwa-Krull

Suwa-Krull was born in Tokyo, Japan. In 2000 she moved to London, UK where she earned a BA in fine art photography at the London College of Communication. She now works on her own photography projects and as a freelance photographer and has shot portraits of creators like Chris Cunningham, David Bailey, Juergen Teller, Husam el Odeh and Julie Verhoeven. Her portrait work was part of the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery London for the Photographic Portrait Award in 2007 and her portrait series of 15-years-old girls, “Blaue Blume” is a part of the collection at the Wilson Centre for Photography. The story she tells is one of observing the emotions we have in our lives and how they might transform us. It leaves an impression with us and encourages us to create our own stories. http://www.atomoko.com

Photographer's Eye

Two Stories on the South Coast

In early summer, I met Carson McColl. He is a poet, artist and musician from Glasgow, Scotland and grew up by the sea. We found that we like a combination images and poetry and decided to go to the South Coast of England to do this project together. When we arrive it is a hot day. With the grass up to our knees we walk and smell the sea and the summer. The water is bright and shining into our eyes at the beach. All around us is heat and silence. I take pictures of Carson.

“The room in blue ruin/the blade lay him open/slowly rocking on the bone Worried of aspect/the blossoms were leaning/set in sunlight/with fatal stones”

There is no wind, and no wave in the sea. Stones with yellow green mosses do not give us anything. We climb the hill. Up there is wind and pieces of white limestone everywhere, contrasting his black garments. He walks barefoot toward the edge of the cliff. I am holding the 80-400mm while he walks towards me. It is heavy but stable.

“Silently I stood for absolution There amongst the rapture of the drowned I felt there something like a shadow In states half wakeful; worlds without sound”

words by Carson McColl

A month later, I am back. This time with the 24-85mm.

The scenery has changed, the cliffs are covered in fog. An old couple walks in front of me. They hold hands and look like they are planning a picnic in the fog. I take a picture of them. They don't climb the hill so we part ways. Slowly the sky clears. Blue appears gradually and the sun is back just before it sets for the day.

Tomoko Suwa-Krull, September 2013

80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G
- Clear and Sharp image with all apertures
- Stability
- High AF Speed

24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G
- Light and handy
- Excellent continuous AF speed
- Excellent focus / F4-F11 / center of frame

Work of Tomoko Suwa-Krull