Eyes of Nikon

D800 | AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR | ISO 250 | 1/60 | f/20


Ahn Junアン・ジュン

As Ahn Jun began her studies as an Art History major, she wished to do her own interpretation of expression through visual language. Graduating from Parsons The New School of Design with a MFA, she based herself in Seoul, Korea and NY. Harold Edgerton showed “scientific perspective”experimenting with an apple-piercing bullet, an instant that cannot be seen with a human eye, captured in 1/1,000,000 of a second using stroboscopic flash. It influenced her to realize and sense the aesthetic importance. As an artist who uses a photographic medium, her experimental projects seek ways of showing the “hidden beauty, hidden structure of the world that cannot be perceived with the naked eye”. http://www.ahnjun.com

Photographer's Eye

My work is about invisible moments. What I am trying to investigate and reveal is a part of a hidden structure of the world beyond perception. I have been thoroughly exploring this concern about a medium with originally photographic performance, and revealing invisible structures of nature that cannot be seen with the naked eye because it changes faster than human perception. I mostly use 16-35mm and 70-200mm lenses for each of my projectbased works. I mostly use 16-35mm lens on my Self-Portrait, which is a projectbased work ongoing since 2008. I define Self-Portrait as a kind of performance that can only exist in the medium of photography. I place my body at the edge of high-rise buildings and take selfportraits. I explore fear, pleasure, and tension within that situation. I move my body at the edge of the building until the memory card is full. Then I take a picture of my feet like a ritual of the performance. The edge of the structure symbolizes physical, physiological boundaries that we care about facing in our lives. I have been concerned about how can we define the “present”. I am interested in capturing the “present” of the elements of nature. For my most recent project entitled “Invisible Scape”, I am capturing the “present form” of water turbulence under a storm. I am using 70-200mm f/2.8G. Its autofocus was the BEST that I have ever experienced. The lens clearly focused at the desired point, which was dark and constantly moving faster than the eye can perceive. It showed the hidden beauty of nature as can only be seen through the medium of photography.

Work of Ahn Jun